Ticket Information

I. Ticket of Scenic Areas

1. Ticket of Jianglang Mountain-Nian Ba Du Tourist Areas (do not include shuttle bus fee in the scenic area): ¥270 in busy season, ¥240 in slack season.

2. Ticket of Jianglang Mountain Scenic Area (do not include shuttle bus fee in the scenic area): ¥100 in busy season, ¥70 in slack season.

2. Nian Ba Du Ancient Town: ¥120

3. Qingyang: ¥50

4. Xianxia Pass (Dai Li’s Secret Home): ¥60

5. Fugai Mountain: ¥60

Remarks: The slack season of Jianglang Mountain is from December 1 to February 28 of the next year, and the busy season is from March 1 to November 30.

II. Preferential Policy:

A: Free pass:

1. Senior citizen of over 70 years of age (including 70 years of age), with his own ID card, or Senior Citizen Card or other valid documents.

2. Children of 1 to 6 years old (with valid documents), 1.2 meters tall (including 1.2 meters) or less are free of charge.

3. The disabled with disability certificate, military disability card are free of charge.

4. Military personnel in active service, family members of the revolutionary martyrs, soldiers died on duty, soldiers died of illness (with valid documents).

B: Half-price Ticket

1. Senior citizen of 60-69 years old;

2. Juveniles from 6 (excluding 6 years old) to 18 years old (including 18 years old).

3. Full-time undergraduates and below (with student ID).

Go to the riverside to feel the breeze if you want to be peaceful

The essence of travelling may be to find a peaceful place, stay at it, walk around, and breathe the different city breath. Find a clean hotel to stay, eat a bowl of dehydrated soup of unique flavor of the small town at the junction of three provinces, and then paced along the Xu River. At the noisy river bank, the breeze is subtle, and the Xujiang Pavilion, neon lights and the Ferris wheel at other side of the river set each other off. The freewheeling relaxation may melt your bones. || Leisure Activities at both Sides of the Xu River - Base of citizen's evening walk You may know that only when you get rid of stereotypes can you see different primary color of life. In Jiangshan, the breath of life is mixed with the powerless simplicity of small town, but devoid of the sense of narrowness of big city. If you are driving a car, you can get to north of the city from south of the city in just 20 minutes, and find all the nice restaurant, as if you come especially to find the passion for life, and end up eating delicious food in small shops. In the height of summer, the town is full of crayfish food stalls which often run until midnight, so that you can share a glass of cool beer in the quiet night, generating a sense of contentment. Address: Along the Jiangbin Road in Quzhou City Accommodation: The city is relatively small, in which the most high-end hotel is Jinling Hotel. Tourists may choose those hotel that is near the railway station because it will be more convenient.

If you desire to live in seclusion, go to Nian Ba Du

|| Nian Ba Du - A forgotten Xunli old street Nian Ba Du is a ancient town deep in the mountain that is 60 km from Jiangshan urban area. The water quality here is good, the scenery is beautiful, the culture and history are unique, for can you believe that the buildings deep in the mountain are as stylish as those in bustling commercial ports. The high standard carved window lintels are symbol of class in old age, the generous Wenchang Pavilion is a glimpse of imperial examination system, and the foreign firms, agent training camp and the old man sitting around the corner all day doing gong cake. The old street of Nian Ba Du let us find the feeling of hometown that we may have left for many years. It reappears before us really and practically. The memories of the quiet and simple home life can calm any impetuous emotion. Tips: Pay attention to reserving homestay in the ancient town in advance, because there are many rural inn, but few good homestay. Transportation: Nian Ba Du Ancient Town in Jiangshan City

If you are expecting a sunrise on mountain peak, go to challenge Jianglang Mountain

|| Jianglang Mountain - World Natural Heritage of Xiake's Tracks Danxia landform can be so comely and handsome. Jianglang Mountain is Danxia landform in old age, which has a special spirit and dynamism. In thousands of years, the world is changing continuously, but Jianglang Mountain never moves, still remaining magnificence and miracle in Travels of Xu Xiake's. It is a gift of nature while walking in the jungle you will hear not only insects and birds, but also spring waters of the eighteen curves. Sniffing the humid air, looking ahead at the palisades which are steep cliffs, and the largest A Gleam of Sky will make you feel impressed. Ticket: Adult Ticket: ¥100 Address: Shimen County, Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province Transportation: There are through vehicles at Jiangshan Railway Station, one shuttle of which is at 9:40 AM and the other is at 2:00 PM

Camping on Fugai Mountain and breathing freely if you miss a forest

|| Fugai Mountain Primitive Forest- The silence of jagged rocks and the passion of valley rafting "Soaring to the sky and floating on the top", just the phrase "floating on the top" can trigger random thoughts in one's mind. In winter, the snow covers the top of Fugai Mountain and renders a beautiful scene. In summer, if you want to go rafting, just go to Fugai Mountain; you can also camp at the scenic area and hold barbecue and watch stars at night. A winding highway leading to the top of the mountain is accompanied by bamboos; the altitude of the scenic area is high thus the air is fresh. The craggy rocks in the mountain are covered with green moss. Since there is no public transportation, the location is very covert, which is only accessible by self-driving car. Previously, it has been the wonderland only visited by travelling enthusiast. Ticket of Fugai Mountain: ¥40/person Ticket of Valley Rafting in Fugai Mountain: ¥118/person Address: Nian Ba Du Town, Jiangshan City

Come to Dai Li's Secret Home if you want to explore the secret of the history of the Republic of China

|| Dai Li's Secret Home - Hero of a time, King of Spy in KMT is near at hand Dai Li's Secret Home is prepared for special-interest travelers, which is a good place for military enthusiasts and history buffs to learn knowledge and a interesting museum to learn the history of Jiangshan, especially the secret origins of the KMT. Without understanding the KMT agents, and Du Yuesheng and Dai Li, and the bureau of investigation and statistics of the military council of Jiang Kai-shek, you can not to understand the charm of Dai Li's Secret Home. You can see the most advanced trap designs at that time, which are like movie props and can experience the past life of the man of the hour in history. Ticket: ¥60 (including Xianxia Ancient Path) Address: Bao'an Village, Jiangshan City, Zhejiang Province

Going on a superb spring outing on foot, Xianxia Ancient Path is the best choice

|| Xianxia Ancient Path - The really special-interest ancient path that stretches to many province If you want to do on a spring outing on foot, you don't have to go far away to Huizhou or Hangzhou, because Xianxia Ancient Path is beautiful in all seasons. As the stretching of the Xianxia Ridge, there are bamboo forests, tea orchards and Ancient Village s dispersing around it... In spring, the land is covered by bamboo shoots; in summer, the forest is luxuriantly green; in autumn, the mountain is full of golden yellow. After the 4th pass, the road is not paved with green staircase. In the mountain forest blooming with wild flowers, it is silent all around, which is definitely impossible to experience in big cities. Tips: Climbing the mountain will take you 2 hours and there is no rural inn on the mountain thus camping is not recommended. Ticket: ¥60 (including Dai Li's Secret Home)

Come to Jiangshan Ancient Village s to review a grandmaster of Chinese culture

|| Qingyang Ancient Village in Shimen County - History of study advocating of the distinguished family at Hexi Those Ancient Village s that can really generate a sense of touch are not like Wuzhen or Xitang that have already overwhelmed by shops and visitors. They should be located deep in mountains, and far from the attention of the public because of the geographical location and thus far away from madding crowd and preserving the distinctively profound and unique primitive simplicity. Qingyang Ancient Village is located in Shimen County Zhejiang Province. It is said that this village occupies a good land with regard to feng shui. The family advocating study and the grandmaster of Chinese Culture Mao Zishui are different stories. Strolling in Qingyang Village, you may feel that the vein of history is touchable, and each corner of the village has a story to be told. Ticket: ¥40 Address: Shimen County, Jiangshan City || Dachen Ancient Village - The glorious years of the craftsmen The most charming thing of Dachen Village must be the elongated narrow bluestone paths. 20 streets and lanes connect 79 ancient houses built in Qing Dynasty of the Republic of China. The 3600m long bluestone paths are criss-crossed and winding to form a unique maze. The village is located beside the mountain, and the old houses were built mainly with wooden structure, and the wharf wall, zoumalou, white walls and black tiles are typical Huizhou architecture style. The most striking building is undoubtedly the Wang Ancestral Hall, where there are three halls, two patios and five bays and triple overhangs cornices. Standing in patio and looking up, you can see the colorfully and dazzlingly embellished and wooden carved eaves that reflects the former glory days of the craftsmen. Ticket: ¥40 Address: Dachen Village, Chen Village, Jiangshan City

A land of idyllic beauty, the charm of new countryside that you have never seen

Tips: Countryside tourism is mainly featuring seasonal picking with different content in different seasons, while the scenery is always beautiful. Appreciate the charm of small town all the way from urban life to the unique charm of scenic area and to the experience of countryside traveling. The life of this city is desirable, and all these attractions with the inception of high-speed rail, make this kind of new tourist experience come into people's eye. Why not choose a good time of this year and have a "unique travel in a small town".